Sauk Point Veterinary Clinic offers a wide variety of services

Medical and Preventive Care

Puppy and Kitten Exams – We help you with your new family member by beginning with a thorough exam and discussing their individual growing needs.  Young animals need to have several visits to meet their growing and vaccination needs.  We take that into consideration and have created a package to make this a simple and convenient plan for you and your new arrival that can save you money.

Annual Health Exams – A complete physical exam from nose to tail.  Each pet needs an annual exam to continue to monitor the health of the animal and to fulfill legal requirements of a doctor-patient relationship.  Many changes can happen over the course of the year.  Many diseases can be minimized with early interventions.

Preventive Care – Your pet is evaluated as an individual and vaccinated accordingly to their needs.  Every animal has it’s own requirements and we will inform you of all options so your pet stays healthy.  Along with giving vaccines we also offer Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccine titers.

Urgent Care – We have daily openings reserved for urgent needs.  Sauk Point Veterinary Clinic is capable of handling the urgent care of your pet.  We offer you the choice to stay with your pet’s appointment or to admit him/her for the day.

Dentistry – Your pet’s health can depend on your pet’s dental hygiene.  We can help you assess your pet’s dental needs and give you suggestions to keep those teeth and gums healthy.  We also have full dental x-ray capability to be sure your pet doesn’t have any hidden problems.

Surgery – We have full surgical capabilities.  Each pet is given an individual assessment before it goes under anesthesia.  We have many medications that make anesthesia very safe for any age.  We specialize in spay, neuter, declaw, tail docking and dew-claw removal, perineal surgeries, tumor removals, eye surgeries, lateral-stabilization cruciate repair, and many other surgeries and procedures.

Specialty surgeries – Orthopedic, skin biopsies, growth removals, prolotherapy, and internal surgeries.

In-house laboratory for same-day results

Acupuncture – A new alternative.  A veterinarian specialist can come in for your pet!

Ultrasound and Echocardiograms – By trained professional veterinarians who come to our clinic upon special request.