white dog lying on grass field

IDEXX Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Screen

As veterinary medicine has made advances over the years, many dogs are leading longer, happier, healthier lives than they once were. Part of these advancements include effective cancer treatment for dogs. Unfortunately, often times, cancer goes undiscovered until it’s already in advanced stages and difficult to treat. So what if we could detect cancer before any clinical signs even arise?

 IDEXX laboratories have now made available a blood test that accurately screens for 7 different common canine cancers. As a screening tool, this affordable test doesn’t identify specific types of cancer or provide a black-and-white answer as to whether or not your dog may have cancer. Instead, it determines how likely it is your dog may have cancer and whether or not we should pursue further diagnostics (such as radiographs or an ultrasound) to investigate.

If you’re interested in having your dog screened for cancer using the new IDEXX Nu.Q® test, your dog needs to be fasted for at least 4 hours in order to obtain the most accurate results. If your dog has a chronic immune-mediated or inflammatory disease, it’s also recommended to delay screening if they are experiencing a flare of symptoms. Ask your veterinarian about having your dog screened for cancer at their next exam to ensure they’re as healthy on the inside as they appear on the outside!