Help us make your pet’s vet visit more comfortable!


Let’s face it, no one likes going to the doctor, not even our pets. But you can help make their experience less stressful by following some simple steps at home!

The videos above outline a variety of ways to make coming to the vet less stressful for both you and your pets.

Step one is staying calm and collected yourself. Our pets are highly intuitive and can easily pick up on our subtle, non-verbal cues. If you’re feeling nervous, anxious, or rushed, your pets will be able to sense this and become nervous and anxious in turn. By remaining calm, this tells your pet that there’s nothing to worry about and they can relax in your presence.

Make the way your pet travels to the clinic something fun and safe they can look forward to!

One of the most challenging parts of bringing your cat to the clinic can often be simply getting them into their carrier. Getting your cat acclimated to their carrier can take some time, but is worth it in the long run. Read this article to learn more about training your cat to fall in love with their carrier.

The type of carrier you choose matters too! Our favorite carriers have hard sides and can be exited from either the front or the top. The carrier should be secure, but not zip-tied shut, in case it needs to be disassembled for easier access to your pet.

Dogs should be secured in a well-fitting harness or collar, and a short leash. A loose collar or harness can lead to a loose dog, either in our parking lot or the clinic lobby, which is by no means a “low-stress” situation.

Extra long or retractable leads also pose the risk of your pet getting into undesirable situations with other patients or objects. A short lead keeps your dog close by and safe! Remember that just because your dog is friendly, that doesn’t mean other pets are interested in being friends.

A little appetite goes a long way!

Withholding some of your pet’s breakfast (as medically appropriate) before an exam means that treats provided at the clinic will be extra tempting. While we do have treats available at the clinic, your pet may prefer their favorites from home. You can bring a variety of your pet’s favorite treats broken up into small pieces, or bring a can of your cat’s favorite canned diet! Food is a great way to distract your pet from treatments and diagnostics at the clinic. It’s also a great reward for your pet once their exam and vet visit is complete!