Annual Health Exams

A complete physical exam from nose to tail.  Each pet needs an annual exam to continue to monitor the health of the animal and to fulfill legal requirements of a doctor-patient relationship. Many changes can happen over the course of the year. Many diseases can be minimized with early interventions.


Preventative Care

Your pet is evaluated as an individual and vaccinated accordingly to their needs. Every animal has its own requirements and we will inform you of all options so your pet stays healthy. Along with giving vaccines we also offer Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccine titers and Panleukopenia titers for cats.

Puppy and Kitten Exams

We help you with your new family member by beginning with a thorough exam and discussing their individual needs. Young animals need to have several visits to meet their growth and vaccination needs. We take that into consideration and have created a simple, convenient, cost saving plan for you and your new arrival.


Urgent Care

We have veterinarians experienced in urgent care and emergencies. Daily openings are reserved in our schedule for these urgent needs for our established clients and their pets. We offer the option to stay with your pet for their appointment or to admit him/her to the clinic for the day.


Your pet’s health can depend on your pet’s dental hygiene. We can help you assess your pet’s dental needs and give you suggestions to keep those teeth and gums healthy. We also have full dental x-ray capability to be sure your pet doesn’t have any hidden problems.

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We have full surgical capabilities. Each pet is given an individual assessment before it goes under anesthesia.  We have many medications that make anesthesia very safe for any age. We specialize in spays, neuters, disarticulate dew-claw removal, tumor removals, eye surgeries and many other surgeries and procedures. Specialty procedures include Orthopedic Surgeries, lateral-stabilization cruciate repair, skin biopsies, growth removals, prolotherapy, laparoscopic surgery and  perineal surgeries.

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Laser Surgery

Laser surgery can be used in most procedures we perform. The numerous benefits include less bleeding, decreased swelling, and improved pain control. Our specialized laser cuts without touching tissue, minimizing surgical trauma. This means that many patients recover faster and have fewer complications.  It also makes procedures faster, meaning less time under anesthesia for your pet. Ask our team about laser surgery for your pet’s procedure. Learn more about the many benefits of laser surgery here

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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique using endoscopes and instruments placed into the abdomen through small incisions to visualize disease, perform biopsies or minimize the size of incisions when performing a spay or gastropexy (preventive surgery for pets at risk for stomach twists). Dr. Keith Gunby of Veterinary Laparoscopic Services, LLC is a veterinary laparoscopic specialist that can travel to our clinic to perform these types of procedures.

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We offer this procedure performed by trained professional veterinarians who come to our clinic upon special request. This allows your pet to receive important diagnostic procedures in a facility they’re already familiar with rather than being referred to a specialist.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Doctor Pamela is trained in Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine and herbs, and acupuncture. With Dr. Pamela’s expertise, and the experience and knowledge of our other veterinarians, Sauk Point Vet is proud to offer a fully integrative approach to your pet’s health and wellness.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Our doctors and certified veterinary technicians are trained in providing cold laser therapy for your pet. Laser treatments utilize specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue at the cellular level. This reduces pain and inflammation and speeds the healing process. Learn more here

End of Life Services

We are here for your pet’s complete journey through life, all the way through the end. Navigating a geriatric pet’s care can be overwhelming and difficult at times. We will provide regular input and resources to assess quality of life at home. You don’t have to face these difficult decisions alone. You can find more resources here

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