Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Vaccination

 In an effort to protect the health of your beloved rabbit companions, Sauk Point Veterinary Clinic is now offering the newly approved and recommended RHDV2 (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2) vaccine for rabbits. Previously only offered as a limited time, one weekend only vaccine clinic, we are now carrying the vaccine for use at any appointment. If your rabbit has not yet been vaccinated against RHDV2, both the initial vaccine and the booster are needed to achieve adequate immunity against the virus. After the booster, the vaccine will be valid for 1 year at which point it will need to be boostered again.

The RHDV2 vaccine being offered is manufactured by US company Medgene Labs and is now recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and consumer Protection Division of Animal Health for ALL Wisconsin house rabbits. While this US manufactured vaccine has only recently been authorized for emergency use, European house rabbits have been safely vaccinated against RHDV for years. Wisconsin cases of RHDV2 have been rare, however the US wild rabbit population is growing rapidly and surrounding states have reported cases of the virus in growing numbers. RHDV2 is fatal to rabbits only and cannot be spread to other species, however, the virus can be tracked into the home on shoes or paws that have been exposed to contaminated material, such as wild rabbit feces and/or urine, thus exposing any rabbits in that home to the virus.

Ask your veterinarian when you schedule a visit with either Dr. Molly or Dr. Laura if the RHDV2 vaccine should be a part of your rabbit’s routine care!

For more information on RHDV2, please visit: https://datcp.wi.gov/Pages/Programs_Services/RabbitHemorrhagicDisease.aspx